Commerce City North Infrastructure General Improvement District

General Information: The Commerce City North General Improvement District (or GID) was formed in 1995 to allow the construction of infrastructure to support growth and development in Commerce City’s northern area. The GID funded various major street improvement projects (including the 104th Avenue widening project) and the installation of sanitary sewer and potable waterlines to support the future development of residential and business lots in northern section of the City.  As of 2018, bonds issued by the GID totaled $77.1 million and contain various maturity dates up through the year 2038.
District Oversight: The GID nine-member board (comprised of all Commerce City Council members) meets at least semi-annually to review and approve the operations and finances of the GID.
Property Tax Usage: Property taxes collected by the GID are used to fund the periodic principal and interest payments due on issued and outstanding bonds.
External Website: None
Additional Information: For more information regarding the operation of this GID, call Commerce City’s Public Works Department at (303) 289-8170.
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