Alleyway Homes (Sub-taxing district #1)

On November 22, 2002, the District passed a resolution creating the North Range Metropolitan District No 1 Subdistrict 1 (“Subdistrict 1”) as an independent quasi-municipal corporation that is governed pursuant to the provisions of Title 32. The Board of Subdistrict 1 is comprised entirely of the five directors serving on the North Range Metropolitan District No 1’s board.

Subdistrict 1 encompasses 172 residential home lots all of which share alleyways, and Subdistrict 1 was formed for the purpose of funding the maintenance of these shared alleyways, including snow removal and concrete repair and replacement. Subdistrict 1 levies an annual property tax mill on these 172 home lots to fund these public services (which are not provided to the rest of the homeowners within the Reunion Community).