District Board Members

  Current District Board Members


Roger Japp, President

Current Term: May 2020 to May 2023

Board Member Since: May 2020 (Elected)

Biography: Homeowner

Scott Davis, Vice President

Current Term: May 2022 to May 2025

Board Member Since: May 2022 (Elected)

Biography: Homeowner
Anna Phillips, Secretary

Current Term: May 2020 to May 2023

Board Member Since: May 2020 (Elected)

Biography: Homeowner
Vacancy,  Director

Current Term:

Board Member Since:

Biography: N/A
Ryan Keefer, Director

Current Term: May 2023 to May 2027

Board Member Since: May 2023 (Elected)

Biography: N/A

Board Member Qualifications

To serve on the District board, individuals cannot have been convicted of a felony. In addition, Colorado law requires individuals be (1) a registered voter in Colorado and either (a) a resident of the District for not less than 30 days or (b) an owner of taxable real or personal property situated within the District. A person who owns property within the District through a legal entity (e.g. partnership, LLC, corporation, trust) does not meet the qualification requirements to serve on the District board.

Interested individuals must also be willing to complete the oath of office and attend the District's regular board meetings. A director will vacate his/her seat on the board if he/she (1) fails to attend three consecutive Board meetings and (2) fails to attend any subsequent board meeting after failing to attend three consecutive board meetings.

Generally, the minimum time commitment for serving on the District board is not significant. (There is no maximum time commitment associated with serving on the District board, and the more time board members spend serving the District, the better off our District is from their service!) Board members are expected to attend the regular and (if called) special board meetings of the District and each meeting generally lasts two hours. In addition, Board members are expected to respond timely to emails (primarily from the District manager) to ensure the day-to-day operations of the District continue without interruption. We also encourage board members to attend qualified training sessions including those provided by the Special District Association and the Colorado Division of Local Government.

  Past District Board Members
 Service Term on Board
Name Relationship to District  Start Date End Date
 1. John Kilrow Developer (Shea Homes, LP) Nov. 2000 June 2008
 2. Stephen Ormiston Developer (Shea Homes, LP) Nov. 2000 May 2002
 3. Teresa Kershisnik Developer (Shea Homes, LP) Nov. 2000 May 2020
 4. Timothy Roberts Developer (Shea Homes, LP) Nov. 2000 May 2020
 5. Jeffrey Willis Developer (Shea Homes, LP) Nov. 2000 May 2006
 6. Jeffrey Kappes Developer (Shea Homes, LP) May 2006
May 2016
June 2008
May 2020
 7. Steve Douglas Homeowner June 2008 May 2010
 8. Young Nam Homeowner June 2008 July 2010
 9. Martin Zemcik Developer (Shea Homes, LP) May 2008 May 2016
 10. Rob Miller Homeowner May 2010 Oct. 2012
 11. Aaron Phillips Resident  Dec. 2010 May 2014
 12. Christin Widebeck ??? Claimed to be the owner of 16800 E 104th Pl (which is not accurate) May 2014 Aug. 2015
 13. Travis Book Homeowner Aug. 2012 May 2018
 14. Michael Scanlon Homeowner May 2016 May 2018
 15. Tom Mueller Homeowner May 2018 May 2022
 16. Douglas Burns Homeowner May 2018 May 2022
 17. Susan Good  Homeowner May 2020 May 2023
 18 Craig Kim Homeowner May 2022 Jan. 2024